Free IOS and Android App Software?

Anyone know where i can find Free Software to create and app for IOS And Android i was wanting to design and create a game or something but i was hoping for a visual creator not just coding. i only know of the MAC version xcode i belive but is there anyone for Windows i know it's not commen for PC but if it's possible can anyone let me know?

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You can try Adobe flash professional. It is free for a 30-day trial. I am using it ans it is very good.

@26bm nobody wants to support Adobe Flash, and even Adobe it self drop support for it in Android 4.2 so waste of time

Android dev tools would be AndroidStudio, IntelliJ or Eclispe. However I'm not aware of visual game creators in them. They do have UI components for usual stuff (buttons, textviews etc.)
For game you may want to look into Unity - Game Engime

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