The company I am working for is trying to rebuild a simple program that views and/or modifies tables using sql. We want this to be a web app. We already have a working desktop app built in Visual Basic 6. Now we are copying the code over to Xojo.

The head of the project, the person who originally built the VB6 program, wants to rebuild the desktop app in xojo. After building the desktop app, we would then convert it to a web app in xojo.

A new person coming into the project says that this will be wasteful and that we should just build the web app directly. The new guy thinks we should just use PHP and related languages to build the app.

Both sides think the other is wrong. Worse yet, both sides have something to gain by being right, so I don’t know who to trust.

We have already started coding with xojo, so that is more comfortable. However, I would rather choose the more efficient method.

I want to know if either of these methods would be overly costly or incredibly difficult.

What are the pros and cons of both of these methods and why?

Here are some thoughts that may help guide you:

  • Is the existing desktop application easily translatable to the Web? Some are, some aren't... if it isn't, that may be a point in favor of Xojo (about which I know nothing), if it can take the same application and publish it for desktop or the Web. If it is, though, Xojo might be overkill.

  • You might also consider turning it into a VB.NET Web application, which should be an easier transition from VB6 than translating it to another, less related language.

  • Do you have any existing Web applications? If so, what language/platform are they written in/for? All else being equal, it's easier to maintain multiple applications if they're built using the same tools.