I'm making a android app using Java, i want to make a 7 days schedule layout that can be moved horizontally centering the current day to the screen and each column can be scrollable and contains a list with a variable number elements, each element contains images and text; and if an item is selected has to open a layout showing more information about the selected element.

I don't know which is the best way to do it, i thought with grids or multi-list views, but I also don't know how to implement it.

Anyone knows a way to do it and some example? I have attached a design of how the layout would come to be in case anyone doesn't understand it.


Again, thank you all, i hope someone knows a way to do this elegantly.

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Start an android project, then set up layout and images as you want them to be, then when it comes to the part where you'll have to design listeners and changes, you can ask spesific questions, otherwise don't think anyone in here would just sit and write the code for you

Hi Slavi, i don't want the code, i just don't know how can i do what i want.

for example, if i ask how to do a listview with text and images: i hope someone tell me that i have to use a ListActivity that uses a layout that have a ListView and then using an adapter load the information into a layout that contains every row of the list.

I only seek guide, and i'm sorry if my question seems that i want to someone write the code for me, it's not the case.

Thank you anyway for your answer.

Trying to re-invent the wheel
Did you check out default Android calendar? Would be good start and think why they di it this or that way.

Having multiple columns that are scrollable separatly is just bad idea.

If you still insist on re-inventing wheel then try to build around designs of existing Android calendar

I have tryed that already, but since i only need 7 days and i want to put images and several text lines and more things like that it's very difficult with my knowledge.

Now i have a layout with 7 ListView, but i don't know how to populate the ListView using one single adapter, i have searched examples, but i didn't find anything yet

Thank you for your help Peter_budo.

Without knowing more about project, code wise, it will be hard to advise. Nevertheless it is obvious you need to create "a service" that will be querying whatever storage you decide to use in order to fetch existing appointments and push it to specific day listview

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