Hello guys, have you got any samples of mobile security application or database security on SQLight that works? My idea is to learn a secure login where users location is shown, captured and added to the database when the user logs in. I am a student, starting on security and Android. I have taken a while to download eclipse and configure it ok to program on Android, but I am taking even longer to find Android Samples that work, functions are all deprecated on samples I found because they are all from different versions of Android and we are on Kit Kat now. However, my phone is 4.2.2 version. Any idea of were to find samples for this version up... Or perhaps, if you have a working login that integrates with PHP or any other idea of Security Application with code, please share. If you don't want to share code or do not know where to find up to date samples, please leave your comment on Mobile Security, Geographic Applications and the Android OS, I am currently doing a research on Crowd Sourced Data, Security and Android Devices. I need to get as much information you can give me on this topic, with code or not. Please participate. :-)

Oh thank you, I will have a look straight away. :-)

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