I have finished creating a website and i want to make an application out of it. I have install eclipse, cordova and done a sample application. Works fine. Any good tutorial on how to connect my database to the application? Or php files?

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Few options:

  1. Application will always request data from server so no real data storing on device (if requests are heavy it will be slow and expensive on data)
  2. On device data copy, application stores only essential data. So first it will check if data available on device. If YES it display them to user, if data are out of date it is up to user to run refres If data NOT available application automatically contacts server and sores received data (quite efficint if there is not large amount of data, also enables user to work in off-line mode)
  3. Synchronization, you provide some sync adapter to keep your app in synchronization with server DB here is tutorial from Google http://developer.android.com/training/sync-adapters/creating-sync-adapter.html
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