Hi all,

Is it possible to use cloud storage services such as google drive or dropbox to be used as an online storage for my app?

I am developing an app which will be using an online server or storage to retrieve media files like videos and pictures.

I dont want to buy a server so would it be possible for the users to save and retrieve files through cloud services?

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Respect your app users. They are paying for bandwidth, so if you store videos and photos in the "cloud", they pay for it! Let them store these on their system unless THEY decide to upload to the cloud! Anyway, you don't need to pay for a server, but you WILL piss of your users if they suddenly discover they have huge bills to pay to their cell providers!


Okay, but what if i save the videos and they just have to retrieve it? I searched free cloud services and got some such as justcloud.com so if i save my videos and pictures on justcloud, is it possible to stream the video or see the images in my app after synching?

I know these cloud services provide their own android apps but i want to synch the data through my app.


As it has been said. The problem will be data bills from their Network operators. I also support what has been said of warning your app users if they attempt to use it that they should be connected to wifi but don't limit them as to if the device is not connected to wifi the user be unable to use your app. You need to allow them to connect because there are some service providers provide with large data service to their clients so they may need to use it even if they are not connected to wifi.

Its also depends on what data will be streamed to cloud and what size. But since you've said you will be streaming videos you really have to warn the users.

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