How do you test an Android app on different devices and screen sizes (not emulator)?

So far I'm just assuming that the XML preview I get in design mode means the app would function, obviously this isn't enough.

I don't want to ask friends/family, at least not yet. So I'm looking for any services or communities that do this..!

If you're interested in helping in this matter, my (first!) app is:

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Old fashioned here. At the office we have a collecton of phones, tablets and usually, if we wrote it write it looks fine on the 4 inch phone, 7 inch and 10 inch tablets then it's fine on other Androids. So far we've avoided the online things ( )

I find the emulator to be fine here. But I had to install Intel's speed up tools before I would use it a lot.

Same here, bunch of devices, tests on Genymotion emulator, you can get free version and we have two tester that do manual tests, but also writes lot of Calabash tests for automation purposes

we have lot of testers and do manual testing,and also used automation testing

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