I was wondering how for example drop box or a NAS is coping with the different file systems on different operating systems when sharing a folder?
I was reading more about the different file systems and noticed that they ol have their size limits or they all safe their files in a different way. But how is it possible to have shared network folder between these different operating systems and their file systems.

Because for example a FAT32 file system cannot have files larger than 4GB. But what if a user with a NTFS file system shares a folder with somebody with a FAT32 file system. And the one with NTFS puts a file of 5GB in that folder. What will happen?
Is there something special that will happen ? Or how do for example a NAS or dropbox cope with this ?

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They are great questions!

I could give you a brief answer file system by file system here, but you would gain only as much as I want to write. Telling you how to find the answers to your questions would lead you to the richest answers, answers that would best compliment such great questions.

Research each file system individually using a search phrase similar to this:

Dropbox file system

As to what would happen if someone with an NTFS file system to a drive with the FAT32 file system? Well, the User will be told something like, "<name of file> is to big for destination file system"

Well I would say nice notice mate. You can try different file sharing system. I came through a software recently known as Synaman. It is a file sharing system for both personal or professional use. The best part about Synaman is that upload and download of big files is also not a problem for it.

Moreover I am using it a bit differently. I have multiple offices around the country all of my employees upload the data on Synaman which they have to share with other employees working on the same project. This makes thing a lot more easy for all the employees connected to that project because they also get a notification whenever the file is uploaded in the same project folder.

I would advice you to try it once. It might be useful for you as well.

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