I'm new to mobile development. I recently came across phonegap and i wanted to know if PhoneGap would actually be able to build my mobile apps faster. I'm a PHP developer and i use CI for my development. So is PhoneGap something like CI for mobile app development? I wanted to know if the apps built by PhoneGap can only be accessed by a mobile browser or does it open like any other mobile app? Thanks in advance.

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This forum my friend not 24/7 answer my question site. Therefore we answer whenever we do find time.

PhoneGap is convenient for companies that cannot afford to employ one iOs and one Android developer or perhaps whole teams. However it will never match the speed of native application and it will always lag behind latest available SDK for either platform because somebody have to first write it up into PhoneGap. So draw your conclusions...

oh..thats exctly what i thought about PhoneGap. i came across Vuforia, Metaio, wikitude and Layar. Which one do you think is best. My requirement is to integrate the AR concept to my mobile app which means my app will have a facility to scan real images and pop the augmented 3D or some web link or a youtube video etc. Any suggestions? I personally think vuforia is cool cuz i used their sample apps and since i haven't tried other apps i do not know how good are they. has any one tried of those?

Thanks a bunch for your response.

Sorry I wouldn't know I'm Android developer and didn't tried either of above technologies

PhoneGap is emerging technology in mobile apps development field.By writing code in PhoneGap it will runs on all the platforms.you don't have to write single by single code for every OS.So it will definatly accerlate your Mobile apps development skils...

@jimmyparker 2 months late for your reply, beside what are your grounds for above claim?

Can PhoneGap actually accelerate my mobile development

If you are comming from web development, then yes, it could accelerate the development, however, it comes at a price.

Besides the fact that web apps runs slower, there's a notable difference in the look and feel of a web app and a native one. For example, you might notice tiny buttons, or no list selection highlight. And in general, there's little consistency with Android Design Guidelines.

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