ello i am a bit confused because i asked a couple of programmers but i couldnt get a straight answer. I want to make my website -it is written in PHP, Javascript, Jquery- a multiplatform app. As far as i read flash builder for PHP with ZEND is the best solution for me. I started using it and i found Flash Builder for php very helpful. But a couple of programmers told me that Flash Builder is depreciated. And i wont be able to publish the app. And they said that visual studio is the best way to start making app for me taking knowlegde that i know PHP, Javascript. Any comments on that?
Does anyone uses Flash Builder for PHP to make multiplatform mobile apps? Or is Flash Builder depreciated?

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Flash itself is being deprecated in favor of HTML5 for video applications. As you should know, PHP is server-side code whereas javascript, etc are client-side tools. If you want this to be a client-server application, then use PHP on the server to build/send javascript, jquery and such as strings to the client. They can be a browser on the mobile device, or on any system. Doing that, making it a brower-based application, you don't need to put your app in any mobile device "store". If you do want to run it as a "native" app on devices, then you will need to port it to the preferred languages/apis for the devices you are going to support. That will be a lot of work.

No i want to make it an android or iOS app from the beggining using my PHP, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT files. I know what server side and what is client side. So you mean that i should start with Android Studio, Visual Studio for native app on a device that uses Android or iOS?

If you want it to be cross-platform on mobile you can look at using Cordova (Phonegap) or Xamarin. Both can be used via Visual Studio once you've installed some extras and you'll be able to build using your javascript knowledge. Any server side components can still be down in PHP if you wanted to, using whatever IDE you prefer.

ok i just did that. Thanks hericles. Any good tutorials for PHP to suggest?

I still found Flash Builder for PHP to be better for me.

A GOOD TUTORIAL BUT I STILL FOUND Flash Builder for PHP to be better for me.

commented: Have you done any crossplatform app with Flash Builder? +2

Have you done any apps on Andorid or iOS sammy?

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