Okay so I have been downloading gifs and sending them in the messenger to my friends for years now. But a few weeks ago, something changed. Whenever I download it and send it, the gif is supper choppy with maybe 2 frames per second and the colors are compressed as hell. Please fix this. I don’t understand why something constantly gets broken with this app.

Another thing. Embedded youtube links cannot be played. They start and stop after a split second. They have no issue loading, the quality is good, there is sound, but after I press play they stop after about half a second. I press play again, they stop again. There’s literally no way of watching them also due to the fact that I cannot tap on the title of the video to switch me over to the YT app.

Seriously, upon release of the new version please just give someone the app to scroll through for a day, that way all of these problems would be noticed before the release.

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If you are using an old iPhone then it cannot be fixed I guess because developers work for the latest projects and leave older projects, try updating your device and if it's not fixing then you will definitely have to get a new device.

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