Hi Folks, Can anyone suggest me something regarding this topic?

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Do you have an app in mind? You can make money by selling your app in the app store. You can use a freemium model where the app is downloaded for free but then users pay for upgrades and premium features. Or you can sell advertising within your app.

I agree with Dani.

you need to find something that has a problem and can be solved with an application, in your case an android/iOS application. Then work out how you will go about solving the problem with your application, plan the development, write the actual code/elements/databases etc, test the application and then launch the application - rough summary.

Dani covered the "money making" options already.

Buy a Free to play, pay to win game license is my take. The game must be a genre common to everyone. Then host events after events to keep things alive and profit rolling in.

App based on Subscription model comes next. From Kickstarter to Patreon to Medium. Keep it cheap and accessible. Pay your community to expand market reach. Ask them to share In Fb twitter etc etc to get rewards.

Stay off ads monetising. It will not work. The whole ad industry is so thin and is now dead. Been there and done it.

But before this what content are you going to sell ? Well, that matters most. What are you good at. Never do something you are not good or interested - Waste time and waste energy.

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