Hello everyone,

Attracting customers is an important aspect to run a successful online business. Plenty of ways are followed by the website owners to draw the atttenion of many customers towards the website. Some of the popular marketing techinques are:
1. Social sites integration
2. Search engine optimization (SEO)
3. Loyalty programs
4. Attractive themes and best products

Kindly suggest any one of the marketing technique from the above to improve online business sales.

Use promotional offers,integrate any video for the product or business,have a acatcy content,use testimonials and portfolio.

To attract customers towards your website, you first of all need to define the customers you want to attract. Once you have done that then write the content of your website keeping your target customers in mind. Then the basic SEO of your website and moderate promotion of it on social networking websites is enough to attract them towards your website.

It mainly depends on what kind of website, product or services you are promoting. the best part would be if you are havinf b2c customers you can use social media websites which allows engaging vast number of customers. moreover SEO+SMO is best way to get maximum leads for your online business.

make ppc campign for most relevnt keyword its help you to increase traffic.
join some cpa network for quates. etc they really good for marketing if you dont want to invest money then find the keyword and do on seo and attract vistior so that will increase money or sales.

7 Tips to attract customers towards your website:

  1. Add a blog on your site. If you are working for a ecommerce website then write content other than product description.

  2. Build an attractive website.

  3. Link Building

  4. Guest Post

  5. Share your content on the social media channels.

  6. Participate in discussions on Forms and Q/A sites.

  7. Drive additional traffic through SEO and promotions.

Good day! Here are my suggetions on marketing techniques to improve online business sales.. In Social Sites Integration, it is important that you find and Interact people who would be interested on what you market. Also, being sociable is a plus. In Search Engine Optimization, backlink your website on High PR websites which can drive traffic on your website when done properly.


Hi friends,

Tell me, how loyalty program will be used to attract customers towards the website?

Use Loyalty programs and offer rewards, discounts and deals to your customers. This will keep your customers happy and heps you to easily attract many customers to your website.

Customer satisafaction is more important for a successful business. But offering discounts in daily basis is not possible, am i right?

The above posters have added some great tips for you to help with SEO of your website (creating good content, exposing your content as much as possible through creating quality inbound links, and some of the methods you mentioned in your original post, etc.).

These are all important parts of your marketing plan, what you need to do is analyze your product/service. I'm sure you think you know your product/service, but you really need to critically review it and look at it from a unbiased position - this is why people usually just hire consultants or marketing agencies. After you have done this CORRECTLY you can then decide who your product or service best caters too. Once you can truly define your audience you can build a relevant marketing plan to try to capture that audience's attention.

Don't think for one second that a 1500 word blog post three times a week is going to work for the 18-21 male demographic, on the same note don't expect clever Company endorsed memes to work on 45-60 year old business women, don't expect that adding a heavy metal backtune to your youtube promotional ad is going to gain traction with that many mothers to be (personal experience, metal and hormones dont mix).

If you want to sell product you NEED to identify that your target consumer base is X-Y years old, their gender, and their region - once you can figure that out you can spend your time on things that will actually work in getting you customers.