hey! :)

all the WindowsXP users here is a hidden mystry of
XP of any version
Now u can create your own charaters by following the below simple steps...... ;)

  1. open run dialog box from start from taskbar
  2. type the string as :- " eudcedit "
  3. follow the rules for creating using it help option
  4. and finally you save it at appropriate place as mentioned in help file
  5. for more details or if u r in confusion u can mail me
  6. after saving open MSWord or any high end editor equivalent of MSWord
  7. simultaneously open the "charmap"
  8. locate your designed character & copy - paste it on your page
  9. to open "charmap" : in run dialog box type : " charmap "
ndeniche commented: that is interesting... although i already knew it... but you found it out before i did, so... :P +1

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Welcome to the site :)

nice one...

Just a point of interest this also seems to work on windows 10

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