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Another Small And Simple Function To Take Each Character of a string, and put it into an Array, This helps significantly when you need to sift through a string. This Function Uses The spush (String Push) Function, Also In Code Snippits.

Public Function str2Array(xString As String) As String()
Dim tmpArray() As String
Dim tmpchar As String

' /* For Each Character In The String */
For I = 1 To Len(xString)

    ' /* Retrieve The Character */
    tmpchar = Mid(xString, I, 1)
    ' /* Push It Into The Temporary Array */
    spush tmpArray, tmpchar
Next I

' /* Return The Array To The Calling Procedure */
str2Array = tmpArray
End Function
wilsonjan 0 Unverified User

Couldn't you just do:


The only difference would be that you'd have a char array instead of a string array.

Alternatively, a better way in .net 2.0 would be to use the Array.ConvertAll method.



wilsonjan 0 Unverified User

Apologies, I was being a bit dim and thought this group included .net


jfc2k4 0 Newbie Poster

spush <---What's this? i tried the code in vb6 but it won't work. It says "not defined"

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