Hello Seasoning Greating!
Hello to you all i am a student in a college and we are in a group we are giving the task to choice a project topic to write on VB and the project should be related to what is in our environment such as!
1) sending SMS from vb to GSM application.
2) the vb database must be connect to either mysql or oracle and with the use of SQL Sever 2000 with and ADO Connection
and so on but now i want you all to pls tell me the most changing program in the world of ICT so that i can upgrade myself and the member of mygroup NB i am the group leader that is the reason why i need must of the information and as a member of DAniweb this is a great help that you can render to me.

Another is what are the requirement to get to that stage and the material that i need to get to that level.
Again, I need to learn more on API, Advance ADO Connect and DAO were can i get an help tutorial and manual to help me upgrade myself
From the problem listed about what are the requirement and the place/website/manual/pdf file/auticle that can help me get to that level in programming...

Thanks to you all Seasoniong Greeting To You All:???????????????

ok. there is many people ready to help you.

all for the best


I think the altimate challange in VB is graphics (such as dynamic drawing and games). But as no one uses VB for that APIs are good and proivde you with 100s of functions that you didn't think it is that easy to reach. To find a list of APIs go to: Start >> All programs >> Visual Basic 6 >> Microsoft VS Tools >> API Text viewer. Load the text file by selecting: File >> Load Text File and choose the WIN32API.TXT, choose any of the functions, and paste it is syntax in google and you will get 100s of results. I think many guys will help u in this site but just be more specific in your requirments.

What did google say ?
Have you tried for that option ?

Thanks be to you for the tract that you have provided for me now i have been working on how to get system info with the API function that i copy and sent to the google site i will try now immidiately i finish my exam in skool! Thanks a lot to you all...