i need to program a (number- word) ex. from 100 convert it to one hundred by using vb 6.0
by using one command button and two text box. need help. pls. tnx for those who want to help.this is my project for my first program in vb 6.0. just mail me. pogi_ding@yahoo.com

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if you never try you'll never know how to write program, but i'll give a clue.
1st make a function or procedure to convert number to word.
ex :
private function ConvetNumToWord(ByVal num As integer)
dim Words as string
' add code to check num from textbox1
if num = 100 then words = "One hundred'
return words
end function

this function will call in event when you click button convert
ex: textbox2.text = ConvertNumToWord(textbox1.text)

al for the best


thanks. but the maximum must be 9,999,999... and my program can only convert 999... is the ConvertNumtoWord a built in function? thanks ^_^ and by the way! can you pls send me some codes that are built in where i can use in my future programs? thank you!


oops! sorry. ConvertNumtoWord isnt a built in. i did not read it carefully :) its a function.

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