on other programming languages, but none on c++, do you know any free ebooks out there on C++?? (no ebooks are not illegal)

im lookign for a pretty solid downloadable file that i cn go by for the complete basics to c++, i mean im coming with no experince at anything! C++ will be my first.

i have two compliers, borland C++ builder 3.0, and DEV C++

What kind of detail are you looking for? A quick google search turned up several tutorials.. not exactly an "e-book", but effective all the same... example: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/

Thank you very much, it is a good site for me to learn C++.

yes I know exactly what u r looking for, try searching in google "Thinking in C++". It's a free ebook, and the one of the best books on C++. Hope it was useful.