I want to input a string
Suppose the string was :
String s = "sani";

Now I want to make "sani" the name of an object of one of the class.
Suppose the name of the class is myClass.
I want to :

myClass sani = new myClass();

Any ideas??

Here I will create a class named StringClass and build constructors.....

public class StringClass
   public static String StringAsObject;
   // Defining the new Value of s when calling this method
  StringAsObject = "sani";
   // Building Constructors
    public static String getStringAsObject()
		return StringAsObject;
	public void setStringAsObject(String s)
	StringAsObject = s;


Now I will create a class named myClass that also contains method main and call the value of s which is the string "sani"

public class myClass
	public static void main(String [] args)
	StringClass aString = new StringClass();
	String s;
    s = aString.getStringAsObject();	



If this is not what you were referring to let me know because I am unclear.

Thanks Branderson

StringClass aString = new StringClass();

this is what you wrote but I want it as

StringClass sani = new StringClass();

Is it possible like that .... whenever I input a string it should become the name of an object.

No it's not. The closest thing you'll be able to do is to use a HashMap. Which is a list of key/value pairs. The string would be the key, and the object would be the value.

public class HashTest {
    private HashMap objList;
    private Object obj;
    private String objName;

    public HashTest(){

    public HashTest(int size){
        this.objList = new HashMap(size);

    public void add(Object obj, String name){

    public void remove(String name){
    public Object get(String name){

    public void showObjects(){
         String name;
         ArrayList ar = new ArrayList(this.objList.values());
         for(int i = 0; i < ar.size(); i++){
              name = ar.get(i);
    public static void main(String[] args){
        HashTest test = new HashTest(5);
        String name = "sani";
        Object o = new Object(); // <-- that would be some object you want to name
        String name2 = "mandy";
        Object o2 = new Object();



Try that out, you may need to add some casts and stuff, but you should get the idea.

hi everyone,
Is this what you mean?

String a = "sani";
Object k;

k = (Object)a;
//k has already been assigned the string "sani"
myClass k = new myClass( );

I hope this helps you

Yours Sincerely

Richard West

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