Hello everybody, my name is Ludvig, I am a swedish student who educates myself to become an engineer. For my programming course I have made a minesweepergame, but to get the highest grade availible, I have to make it in graphics. I have succeded in doing a version without the graphics, but when it comes to the graphics, I am hopelessly lost.

This is how my nonworking attempt at graphical minesweeper looks. The biggest problem I have is that I actually don't rightly know the best way to build a graphical grid, and when I try, python tells me that the graphical list simply does not exist, I can't manipulate the values in the code. If someone has some practical advice and desirably some codeexamples in their replies I would be eternally gratefull.

A quick rundown on my code is that I first create the boxes which will store the actual values. Before I create the graphical grid, I create a digital grid that stores all the squares and the position of the mines. Based on this digital grid, I create a graphical grid named li, but when I click the squares in the graphical grid, all I get is errormessages.

import random
from Tkinter import *

yMax = 10
xMax = 10
mines = 5

class box:
    def __init__(self, clicked, mine, varde):
        self.clicked= clicked
        self.mine = mine
        self.varde = varde
    def arm(self):
        self.mine = True

def click(y, x):
    matris[y][x].clicked= True
    if matris[y][x].varde == 0:
        li.bttn["text"] = " "
        for r in range(-1,2,1):
            for k in range(-1,2,1):
                if xMax > matris[y][x].x + x and matris[y][x].x+x >= 0 and yMax > matris[y][x].y+y and matris[y][x].y+y >= 0:
                    if not li[li[y][x].y+y][li[y][x].x+x].clicked:
                        click(li[y][x].y+y, li[y][x].x+x)
    elif matris[y][x].varde != 0 and matris[y][x].mine == False:
        return y
        return x
        vardeKlick(y, x)

matris = [None]*xMax
for y in range(yMax):
    matris[y] = [None]*xMax
    for x in range(xMax):
        matris[y][x] = box(False, False, 0)

placedMines = 0
r = random.randint(0, yMax-1)
k = random.randint(0, xMax-1)
if not matris[r][k].mine:
    placedMines += 1

for y in range(yMax):
    for x in range(xMax):
        if matris[y][x].mine:
            for yp in xrange(-1,2,1):
                for xp in xrange(-1,2,1):
                    if yMax > x+xp and x+xp >= 0 and xMax > y+yp and y+yp >= 0:
                        matris[y+yp][x+xp].varde += 1

class rojGraf(Frame):
    def __init(self, master):
        Frame.__init__(self, master)

class square:
    def __init__(self, y, x):
        self.y = y
        self.x = x
    def poke(self):
        click(self.y, self.x)

for y in range (yMax):
    li = list()
    for x in range (xMax):
        bttn = square(y, x)
        bttn.bttn = Button(text = " ", height = 2, width = 3, command = bttn.poke)
        bttn.bttn.grid(row = y, column = x)

#roj = Tk()

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