What would be a good way to learn C++ online for free. I already found a site that shows me some stuff but I don't think it's the best site out there. Also whenever i compile and run a program it just flashes on the screen for a second like when i tried to make "Hello World" appear on the screen. I want to learn programming for my robotics club and i could use help

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>>What would be a good way to learn C++ online for free
First, learn to read and research. This question has been asked thousands of times in the recent past. Start out by readig the Read Me threads at the top of this forum -- you must have just skipped right over them when you posted this thread. There is a lot of information there that wil point you in the right direction. Programming requires a lot of reading -- start out by doing just that.

If you are running a "hello world" type console application and you are NOT running it from a command line but rather by double clicking a file from Windows Explorer or through an IDE like Dev C++, a console window opens, runs the program, then closes before you can see anything since the program has concluded before you have a chance to notice. It just looks like a flash. Try putting this line:

system ("PAUSE");

after the "hello world" line. That forces you to press a key and until you do so the console screen will remain open so you can actually see the results of the program execution.

okay... here are a few decent sources.
this site is quick but a little brief at times. It is more of an example reference.
This is simply a more clear but longer version of the first site.
This is definitely the most detailed of them all, sometimes too much in some cases, but it is the book that I'm currently teaching myself from.

EDIT: Get in the habit of using cin.ignore(); instead of system ("PASUE");.

In addition to the Read Me threads, here's another that has a list of free ebooks.

Just read over at "Dream In Code" that the reason not to do

system ("PAUSE");

is that it's not ANSI compliant and not all systems will have that option. Is that why you say not to use it, zoner7? Anyway, I won't post that particular advice again now that I know. Thanks.