hi all,

Is it possible to run visual basic's .exe file or application from vb.net application
If yes then can anybody tell me how n can tell me code for that.

Actually i want to run vb application from vb.net
if possible then please tell me as soon as possible

Thanks in advance


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to run any .exe is possible. You can use system.diagnostics or the "shell" command

Thanks Jbennet
My problem is solved
But i have one more problem regarding same if possible then tell me the solution

My problem is i want to run exe in browser i mean i want to run .exe file in asp page

is it possible if yes then plz tell the solution

Thanks in advance


sort of.

you can make windows give one of those "security warning: this site is trying to download files to your computer" messages, with the options to run or save it but you cannot just run an .exe for security reasons

is there a reason why you cannot re-code the application as a webpage?

if you really need the application to run server-side in any browser, try something like citrix or like one of the web-application sharing-meeting/conference things

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