Hello everyone,i'm starting to learn pytho now.Could anyone give me some advice
of what is the best IDE for python there is based on your experiences guys.

thanks.More power to the open source community.

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Hi Ryan,

this topic has been discussed many times in this forum. You certainly find answers if you search this forum.

Enjoy learning Python.


ok thanks for your reply

The professor recommended that we use DrPython in class.
The free DrPython IDE lets you download a code completion plug in, set the default folder and many other things.
Simply extract the zip file into your Python folder. You can download it from:
(Windows and Linux)

I downloaded eg. drpython165.zip and extracted it to C:\Python25\lib
A note: you have to have the wxPython GUI toolkit installed first.

We used the DrPython IDE at school too. I like it.

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