can any one help how can i create a self-runing program?? it is like a anti-virus that run when ur booting ur PC

you must make a file in registry to run the program or put the program file on startup program

Take registry backup and try this.

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        My.Computer.Registry.SetValue _ 
("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run",  _
"MyProgram", "dir:\path\name.exe", _
End Sub

Alternatively you can add your program executable to startup.

hmm, cyberwizmj already answer the question. the easiest way is put the program in startup.
just give the feedback.

how can i stop that program??? and i want to do is to tranfer a program to my flash disk to my computer that i will not open that file and paste to computer but instead it will enter to computer when is insert it and plug it out

so you want to make some program like virus or you really want to make virus program??
you mean when you connect your flash disk to computer the current program will running from your flash disk and infect the destination pc (copy it self to destination pc). right or not?
if u want to do this u will using autorun file (.inf) to run the program which your flash disk connect to computer.

i don't want to make a virus and infect the computer instead i just want to run it faster and not to copy and paste it just autrun it... and can i i have a sample of auto run file and it's code and i don't really do that as a vandalism instead do it as a good one

actually your current question is you want to make the program run by it self. the answer is put the program in startup or make a file on registry to run the program. now you post the other question to run your program from usb/flash disk and the answer is make the autorun file (.inf) to run the program automatically. your program like a virus behavior.

ok can u help me how to make a auto run file (.inf) and or just teach me how and what language i should use?

ok can u help me how to make a auto run file (.inf) and or just teach me how and what language i should use???????????

not language needed to make this file just write the some script on notepad and save as .inf extension. there are on your other post (vb 6) someone was giving a sample autorun file.

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