i created a inventory system... and i want to put a button that can upload thier picture plsss help.


what do you mean upload? from the internet?
or from your pc?

if from your pc try this...

1. put a CommonDialog box in your form, if you cant see the commondialog add it from from the components.

2. put a picture/image box

CommonDialog1.Filter = "Picture File (*.jpg,*.gif,*.bmp)|*.jpg|*.gif|*.bmp|"
image1.Picture = [B]loadpicture[/B](CommonDialog1.Filename)

I'm sorry i forgot the code if it is loadpicture or just load only...

your question is not complete?you want store or just take a picture?

if you want to save the pictures in your database, i cangive you two ways.

1. save the filepath of that picture but the problem is... if you remove that picture in your pc, of course you can not retrieve picture anymore (lol!)
2. the datatype of your picture in the database must be in OLE Object. set the datamember, datasource, and the fieldname picture in the vb in that picture of your db.

oh la! that's all!

enjoy coding...



yah... in the compter.

thx for the help...
i truly appreciated it.. thxxxxxxxxxxxxx