I'm creating a game here using a vb.net.....to make my project more interesting, i'll add a flash animation before the game begins to serve as the story of the game....but the problem is i don't know how to add it into a form....i didn't found anything in the toolbox that can help me...

add component for flash player :
Right click on control toolbox->add/remove item->select the com component tab -> find add shockwave flash object.
this control will show in my user control on control toolbox.

to play add this code :

AxShockwaveFlash1.Movie = FilePath & "\FileName.swf"

i cannot find the add/remove item can you help me.i right click the toolbox but i didn't see add item to add the COM component


When you right click the Toolbox you need to select-> Choose item and then select the Com tab -> select Shockwave Flash Object.

i know non of you but please help me :
when i open the com component i dont find add shockwaveflash object , please tell me why and how to find it

@laithzella2..me i also with the same problem you i cant find the shockwaveflash in com component tab.can anyone resolve my problem?..more thank you in advance

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