At my school we participate in the Duke Of Edinburgh award. At present all the recording of what people have done is done on paper, causing many people to not be bothered leaving them to fail the award. However after doing a survey, 93% of people said that they would find it alot easier if the records were done by computer. So i decided that I would take it upon my self to create a computer system that would allow this.

I am using VB2008 connecting to an access database (unless anybody has an overpowering reason why i should use SQL instead)

This is basically what i am aiming for:

> A user logs on with a username and password and if login is succesful they are taken to their own personal form where they can enter data. (Only the user and admins have access to their own form)

> An admin can logon using the username Admin and password 1234 (for example) and a box pops up listing admin commands (shuch as new user, users etc.) if the admin chooses users they are taken to an admin page which lists all the users. An admin can select a user and it will bring up the users page, showing what the user sees.

> Admins can create new users with a simple form (asking for name, age, DOB, Award, username and password)

So thats basically what i want. Now i have had a go at this myself but have encountered a few problems such as; the logon and how the user will be able to see their own table.

If anybody has an example VB project (can be either VB2008 or VB6) that is relevant to what i am asing for please can you give me the link as i will be able to look at it and extract the code from it. Or failing that if anybody has any ideas how i could go at this from the ground up please post a reply.


You should have a table containing the usernames and corressponding passwords and also with an user type so you can specify the administrators. You can then use OLEDB connections and commands to connect with the database and retrieve the information. You can also easily verify the information. To let the users view their own table, create a dataset and datagridview.

Hope this helps.