I need to write a program which displays some images on the screen depending on some calculations. For example if the result of the calculation is 3 it will display an image file, if it is 5 it will display another image file.

I don't even know where to start. Could you please lead me the way. Maybe a link or a book to study?

Say the type of your image file. Then we will talk...

Say the type of your image file. Then we will talk...

ok, let me be more specific...

i need to read some information from a text file, make some calculations and comparisons on them, then depending on the results i need to display one of three .bmp images on the screen...

Your description to us is so vague that we can't really help.

How exactly does your professor expect you to display a bmp? Did he provide the bmps to display? Are you using the Windows API or some other GUI framework?

What sort of calculations are you doing? What does the input text file look like?


First I will import an array of numbers from a .txt file. It looks like

Then I will simply detect the peak points in this array. Then depending on the value I need to display one of three previously existing .bmp images on a background bitmap file at a position determined by the index of the peak point.

This is not an homework. It is just a part of a project I am working on. I can write it either in C or C++.

I am an electrical engineer not software engineer. Unfortunately I am not very good at programming...

You migth want to download the OpenCV lib. It has some nice samples/tutorials and it is very easy to display an image with OpenCV. No need for windows libraries.