The last version of DevC++ is released as beta 5.It is the only lightweight (comaprison to
large download of VC++ express) IDE available for C++ with Stable release(Not like nightly
build of Code::blocks).But,there are plenty of updates of mingw since then,so the outdated
version inside the setup needs to be updated.

Is there any way we can update the Mingw after the installation of the Dev-C++.What
components need to be updated for mingw e.g .GnuMake or other gnutils etc.(I don't have
internet connection so can't connect to any server).

There is workarround for this as we can use Mingw as devpak but it might use the internal
Mingw for make files.But it is not good practice.

So what is the solution for this?How can i update the Mingw package of the Dev-C++?
P.S: Why Sourceforge not allowing Dev-C++ to be updated by other developers on SF.Collin laplace is nowhere to be seen,and there is no chance he is coming back to or on