hi all,

Please can anybody help me.
I want to make installable of my project. I already make an exe of that project and try to make installabel through Package and Deployment tool from VB menu.
When I click on Package and Deployment option it ask for selecting exe i browse and select my project exe also select dependency file etc. But after all process when i click on finish button i get an error saying
"Unexpected error number 28 has occured. Out of stack space."
I don't get this error
Please can somebody help me n tell what's the error and please tell me the solution also if possible.

Thanks in advance


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I think that's always the problem in that package and deployment wizard in vb.Always happen to me also.Best way to do this is to use another software like Installshield.It is better and easier to make installables here and you can customize the look itself!

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