Hi guyz, i have a question about crystal report . How to connect the Crystal Report in MS Access (w/ a password security).. Cause i can't seem to connect it with a password database..tnx in advance

you can connect the crystal report to both of your access table or any query that you created for the purpose. but it is better that you use an query in your report. the steps are :-

1. first create the table and then create an query
2. in the crystal report ide select new->as a blank report(from the gallary wizard)
3. from the data explorer window expand the database files folder and double click find database file
4. then locate ur access db and open it
5. if the database is passwd protected then mention it
6. after this all of ur tables and all associated queries will be displayed
7. then the option will be on ur hand whether you need to use an table or query to build the report. just double click to add it to the field explorer.

now if you need to access the database from ur application by cracking the password u can try this code :-

dim db as database,rs as recordset

Set db = OpenDatabase("<your database file path>", False, False, ";pwd=<your database password>")
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("<your table name", dbOpenTable)

hope this is enough for your purpose
let me know if this works out for you.


tnx choudhuryshouvi

I'll try it tomorrow..

when will u try it completely depends upto you and it really doesn't any matter.

just give me your feedback
that's all what i need from you.


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