I opened the command promt inside VC++ and this solved it.

I have encountered a problem. When I compiled a program it came up an Error Message and the VC++ 2008 Express Edition was closing.
When open VC++ again and press on my project that I work with. This message comes up.

Any idéas what can be done about this. My project wont open. This message comes up in the compilermessage window.

I have opened start/run/cmd and typed in under c:\
VCExpress /resetskippkgs but it says it cant find it.
Is it possible to load this package through any settings inside VC++ ?

The Visual Studio Common IDE Package ({6E87CFAD-6C05-4ADF-9CD7-3B7943875B7C}) did not load because of previous errors. For assistance, contact the package vendor. To attempt to load this package again, type 'VCExpress /resetskippkgs' at the command prompt.

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Don't know what caused that error. My suggestion would be to uninstall that compiler (see Control Panel) then reinstall from Microsoft Website, unless you previously saved the download file on your computer.

I have opened start/run/cmd and typed in under c:\
VCExpress /resetskippkgs but it says it cant find it.

You should type this in the directory where your VSExpress is installed. (just search for the file in your program files directory) . Do you know DOS commands (dir, cd, etc)?
If this doesn't work: Use AD's solution, that will work 99.9% certain.


I would suggest
- first try the 'VCExpress /resetskippkgs' command (after you have located where VCExpress.exe is on your system)
- post your problem to the following forum:
and see what they say. (They seem to answer pretty quickly)

BTW, after having taken a look at some of the workarounds provided, the worst case may involve hours of manual work, finding/deleting files and reinstalling, so good luck.

I had the same problem. Here's how it was fixed.
1. Make a note of the 'Package ID'
2. Go into Regedit
3. Go to
Software\Microsoft\Visual Studio\9.0\Packages
4. You should see the Package ID that didn't load
5. On the right pane, Modify the SkipLoading Value from 1 to 0.
6. Restart Visual Studio.

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