I am using mysql as the backend.
I am trying to retreive data from the mysql table into VB front end
For EG: I have Id using id I do a select query and retrieve the value
Can some one help me with VB code what do i do after the Query in vb code
How would i bring the values form the backen to the front end text boxes.


select * from <table name> where id = " & <pass ur id here>

to display in text box :-
text1.text = rs!name

where rs is a recordset object

I need one more help
Say suppose I have 3 records when i did a select
I need three values to be popualted in the three different text box .
If I have four then i need four text box in the form
How cna i do this

Please refer your other thread for reply. I have already answered your second question there.

use index or field from recordset. compare the data from recordset with input in textbox.