I have a need to pull the header informatilon form about a thousand email messages that have been saved in a file folder as text messages. I want to get this information into a database. I have no skills in coding or scripts.
Example: The source IP, To: From: Date; Destination IP

Thanks for any help.

Tell us about the O/S you are using and how comfortable you are with issuing commands from the command line. If you have no coding skills or script skills it's hard to get a grip on how to help. If you are using UNIX / Linux, it might be a bit easier, but we need to know what priv levels you have on your system, and what kind of file protection is on your input file.

I can secure copy the files from a windows system to a Linux so that I can work from the command line. I can set my own priv levels as needed. The email is being sent to my email box so I am the owner (I believe) .

I guess I should add that the emails are being saved as text files in a folder. The content of the message of the email is not that important but as I previously explained, the header data is.