This is Scorpionz... Is there anyone have any idea ...Regarding Work Flow System in Java Web Application....
Any Response Will be highly appreciated with great Thanks


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OH MY God... at least tell me before so many comments...
Ok let me define u my side....
Like a Movement of Document from one place to another..
Like if a user Create an Application of Sickness... and Fill it and move it from one place to another, and it passes from diffrent levels, like
1st step:
Application Filled:

2nd step:
Application Submit to it Admin

3rd Step:
Admin Edit its Signature if it is correct

4th Step:
Admin Forward it to its Senior Consultant
If Ok Senior also Will edit it

5th Step:
It Reaches to CEO and Ceo Give its Comments and Resend it through this Process

Now How to do this all .. if i creates a Web application....

I will be Very thankful to any response..



You need a login system, a rights/roles system (i.e. who can do what), and a DB store a document (or just it's info) and its current status and history.

You will need filters to control logins and sessions, servlets for post actions, jsp for displaying the data, and beans for carrying out the DB actions.


Thanks for Giving such Ideas... Now What type of Tools should i adopt?

Like I I have Work In Appfuse few months ago... do u have any idea of an Appfuse?

and I have an idea of an IDE: MyEclipse......

Now just give me some Ideas where to start?
and kindly if you give me Some Real Life Examples, Means What are the Possible Work Flows can be made??
After all Thanks a lot for your Feed back
Hoping for best response....

Thanks and Regards


As far as an IDE, that's all your personal choice. My preferences (and they are only just that, my preferences), are an Apache web server connected to a Tomcat over mod_jk. The Tomcat as your web container, and a PostGreSQL DB. If you have a company backing you, to pay for licenses and the like, then I would actually still go for the Apache, but I would use BEA weblogic and an Oracle. Once again though, those are only my preferences, you will have to decide for yoursefl what you want to use.

As far as examples and the like, use the tutorials, that's what they are there for.



Thats Work a lot
Thanks for having a sharing of Time with me, Now Closing this thread, as i got my my desire requirements

Thanks and Regards

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