heres what i wnated too do Write a program to calculate the average monthly sales figure for a single salesperson in one calendar year.

the user will be asked to enter 12 sales figures (pounds & pence), one for each month of the year, and then the average monthly figure will be displayed.

and here what i got

Sub main()

Dim Name As String
Dim Total As String
Dim Average As String

For Count = 1 To 12
Name = InputBox("Enter sales figures ", "Count")
Total = Count + Name
Average = Total \ 12
Next Count

Average = Total / 12
MsgBox ("Average = £" + Str(Average))

End Sub

so how i would improved this programme to to calculate the average sales figure for a team of salespersons in a single month.

A user will be able to enter a series of sales figures (pounds and pence), one for each salesperson.

The number in the team is not fixed – the user should be able to indicate when they have finished entering all the figures.

i got some idea to change the loop statment or something

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so looks like another post with same query.

what happened with my previous reply?
hv u not satisfied?
or want something more???

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