What ho Boys and Girls,
I'm attempting to make a login page in a windows application in this loverly C# visual studio express 2008 and the problem is I'm a right dimbo,lol.
Thus far I have created a SQL Database of 3 columns and a pretty form with username and password textboxes, a tableadaptor to take the data from the database to a data set and now I've ground to a halt, maybe I need to learn a wee bit more, anyone care to suggest how to proceed

i want to do
if username is and password is then goto ......

but so far all I have achieved is loads of errors, hehe

I know this is a really dumb question and I'm sure I'm missing the blindingly obvious, but could some help this sad old boy a little.
bless you

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hmmmm, as of this moment no code exists because I've deleted it about 16 times trying various things, hence the request for a hint.

First attempts by a decrepit self learner, so maybe not enough knowledge yet to ask the right questions, any assistance would be much appreciated


It is not real clear as to what you want to do.
Since you are using SQL, and you have a login screen, I assume you are using SQL authentication instead of Windows authentication. Next you want to get some data from the database, but you have not said how you want it displayed (Grid, components, etc).

Basic approach is getting the user name and password, then setting up the SqlConnection with the connection information. Load up a DataSet or just a DataTable, and bind the data to the display component of choice. If you are also going to allow editing, then additional code is used to marshal the changes back to the database.

Maybe on your 17th try you can post your code instead of deleting it. This website is all about helping new coders, so do not be ashamed of your code. No one's code is perfect.



See, told you I didn't know enough to ask the right questions, lol.

The basic idea is to have a simple login screen to an application where the user has permissions based on his/her allowed access level, so I need to compare information and not display it. No editing is to be allowed as that will be an administrator function from within the program.
I am currently toiling through the msdn help in an attempt to clarify what I need and the appropriate code.
Many thanks for your prompt response and I do believe you have pointed me in the right direction.
I apologigise for any ignorance shown and will hopefully ask a more informed question next time. (you wish, lol)

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