I have this C program which produces a .csv [comma separated variable] file, from an uploaded .txt file. The uploading part and writing the .csv file went fine, however, my problem is that the file can't be downloaded by the user.

Can you tell me what's wrong missing with my code?

<a href=http://**the url address of the file**>Download .csv File</a>

Someone told me that an argument/attribute is missing in the code. He said it's about telling the system that's it's a file that is to be downloaded and not an html file. But sadly, he can't remember what it is. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. :)

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Try the following ...
<a href="file:///c:/test.csv">open test.csv</a>
should work if you have the file c:\test.csv on disk.


The anchor format is fine. Make sure the file's physical location is correctly translated to the virtual directory location when giving it in http format. Send me the link where this code is posted (if its on the internet) and I will look at the problem.

Peter Pollen, Technical Editor, http://www.e-chishiki.com/eng

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