Hello, I'm new to this site and programming in general, so bear with me :$ .

I've been downloading source code like crazy to reference, however I have yet to find a single project file for large projects (such as, for example, Half Life 2) that SHOULD compile correctly. Surprisingly enough, it doesn't. Nothing does. I know this probably seems like a vague description of my problem, but it's honestly like this. Nothing compiles.

So is this:

1) People uploading stuff they've never bothered testing
2) My fault/something wrong with the compiler.

Whatever, I doubt anyone can help me with this anyways, I'm an idiot :D .

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most likely 2) your fault. You are probably not using the same compiler and/or operating system that the program's author used. Post a link to one of the programs so that we can take a look at it. And what compiler/os are you using?


No, I am. I'm using Visual C++ 2005, which the code called for. Whatever, though. This was more of a rant than anything ;D

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