I don't know if this is the right section for this. Over the weekend I decided to try to install the service pack for vista. It did not install (big surprise) and now whenever I try to go into vb6, I get a permissions error on every project! I tried going back to a restore point but that did not work either. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks.

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Security model of Vista(r) 32b doest guarantee support development environment VB6:


You can however run filemon or sysmon from
and trace what is wrong.

Imho is much easier to instal a virtual machine and enjoy well working environment of any of previous versions of THE SYSTEM. You know, Vista(r) is so secure that one can hit the roof solving problems like that your app has a subfolder with data files (of course with properly set NTFS ACLs) and suddenly you find that you don't work with files in the subfolder but with a copy behind the corner because Vistas(r) decided that is it not good.

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