I have completed my project in VB 6 and Access and Crystal Report 8.5 now I would like to
make setup file . So ple help me which software should I use and where I can get
its free copy. I tried to make it from Package and Development wizard of VB but it
could not work. It always says error like ".......stack" and no cab file is preparing. I
could not understood what is this.


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reason is, there is really a prob on using Package and Development wizard

it have some issue of with crystal report 8.5
u need to change.edit something with an .DLL in the system32 folder,(if what i remember is right)

i would like to suggest you to use

"Setup-Factory" its a freeware installation maker

if youve find 1,

ill sen you a crack to remove the Trial version
(IF NO ONE will object that is)

GL on making it


From 2008 to 2010, mmmm

Guys PLEASE start your own threads. China, what are you having a problem with? Are you using vb6, and if so what version. Some of them got shipped without the package and deployment wizard, which means that we can not help you out, unlike hawism's comment above FROM 2008. We do not give cracks and cheats here, we all have to work for our stuff. Which version?

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