Respected Sirs,

I have problem in vb6 and crystal report9.I m using vb6,crystal report9,MS Access 2000.
i have protected database.
I set connection for report as ODBC(RDO) at desing time and dsn as Newdsn.dsn.At run time when i try with this line
Report.Database.Tables(1).SetLogOnInfo "", App.Path & "\DB\Utm.mdb", "Admin", "becool"
it works fine.

but i want to assign database path at run time so i set database path as
Report.Database.Tables(1).Location = App.Path & "\DB\Utm.mdb"
then it gives error as
Query Engine Error:Can't find DSN in Connection String.

Also if i change connection as ADO/Excel for report at desing time then it gives me error at run time as
Logon failed.
DetailsAO Error code:0xbd7
Descriprtion:Not a valid password.

what shall i do in these cases?

pls help me.........
thnakx in advance