I am trying to create a program that will do address standardizing. I have to compare two files. One file is a master file that has all the correct info I will need to use. The other file is a collection of data received from seperate individuals. Not all individuals now the exact street type (whether it be street, drive, lane, court, etc.). Not all individuals know the correct spelling of the street or just misspell it when typing. Files will be in csv format with each new line being a new address. I need to compare each line with the master file. It should search the master file until it finds the corresponding street. It should then check to see if the street type is correct and if the street spelling is correct. It should also make sure the zip is correct.
The master file will be in this format...
The other file will be in this format...
street# streetName streetType City State Zipcode (not comma seperated)

Need a little help getting started.
I am familiar with C++, but this will be my first program in VB.
I will be using VB6.0

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