I have been trying to figure something out ever since I started doing C++, My goal is to code my own game and coming to think of that.... I have read many articles about how U go about on doing that and as far as I have read C++ is the best suitable programming language for games but what I cant seem to understand is how u get to upload pictures, doing animations, sounds and all the staff that games really needs in order to be complete..... and so far I havent get to the answer.... if anyone knows what Im talking about please do help me.

You need a game engine such as DirectX SDK (free for the downloading from Microsoft). But be prepared for some very heavy-duty c and c++ coding. The SDK that you download includes quite a few example program to illustrate how to use the SDK.

Also check out the Game Development board.

Thanx man... still downloading DirectX SDK and reading how it works but its taking long....

And another thing... I have been using Visual Studio.Net 2005 until one of my bosses deletes it coz they are planning to install VS.net 2003 amazing huh!!!! I mean They are going back while we are moving foward... now staff that..... so the thing is on VS.net 2003 they dont have the whole package they have removed C++ and some other languages and leave only ASP and C# so I have managed to download dev C++ from the net and as far as Im concerned the syntax is still the same just some defferencies somewhere, somehow but the problem is when Im trying to execute the code on this dev C++ the output does not stand still it just flashes and disappear

>>the code on this dev C++ the output does not stand still it just flashes and disappear
You have to add getch() or something like that at the end to make it stop so that you can see the output.

I wander what is something like that...... I take it... u mean cin.get() coz I think getch() means something like that really but I have cin.get() almost to all my programs but they refuse to give me time and have look on my output.... strange as it sounds but hey I can only be productive during the day only if I have internet even if Im not gona use it.... ok now staff that.....

Anyway thanx a lot but if u have another plan please do tell me, anyone else can.... we are not the only ppl using C++Dev and damn man the free-ware is so dreary but better than nothing

The problem you are experience has nothing to do with the compiler but due to your program. If you use cin to get an integer it leaves the <Enter> key '\n' in the keyboard buffer, so you have to remove it before moving on in the program

int x;
cin >> x;

If you do that then the cin.get() at the end will work. Again, its your program, not the compiler.

>>the free-ware is so dreary but better than nothing
I don't care much for that compiler either and I like VC++ 2008 Express a lot better -- and its free too. But for portability between *nix and Windows Dev-C++ is the better compiler.

ok...... Im kinda getting lost now, not sure if we are still in the same boat, but let me try to understand this..... 1. We have something like this....

cin >> x; //assume its been declared
return 0;

Yes as far as I believe in myself I understand the 1st one which is cin >> x; but what I dont seem to get right is cin.get() according to my understanding I thought it notifies the application to pause or stop during the run time on (C++-Dev) while the user hasn't press "any-key" to continue, but from where I stand right now it does not work if thats what it means

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