Hi Im creating a new online rpg game that is currently under construction. The game will be set up just like the well known runescape but set in the Ancient world!

All the info you need to know is located here...


But what i wanted to know is if there is a rpg game creator which is like runescape and has decent 3d graphics or any similar online game creators which will work with what im doing. If anyone could please tell me (either here or at the gaming forum) i would apricate it loads and will be able to get the game up and running very soon!


If anyone knows of a place were i can learn java scripting for this stlye of mmorpg i would be very grateful. Im excelent at creating textures and models but dont know how to script these sort of games. I would love to take on this sort of project for im very ambitus to get this up and running.

Thank you

:) :) :) :)

Bump : Please Read I Need Help Very Bad. If You Know A Place With Info On How To Create Java Games Please Contact Me.


thanks that will help me out loads. Thanks again

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