UseMnemonic -> Set this property to true, if you want to display a character in the captio property of the label as an access key.
Suppose I write in the Caption property of the label--? &Ruchi.

I know access key is invoked by ALT + letter that is underlined.

But in label case, what is the use of Access key. Now in the above case what pressing ALT + R will do, it is doing nothing??


UseMnemonic property of Label, when set to False, displays the Text as it is(With all the ampersands). This is very useful when the Label is Bounded to a Datasource on form. when False, It does not have a short cut key.

When set to true, It behaves differently..
Say you have Label1 and Text1 , Label has Caption "&Name"
We cannot set the HotKey for TextBox, So when Alt-N is pressed, focus is moved to the textbox adjacent to the label control.

Just Take care that the Textbox's TabIndex property must be immediately after the TabIndex Property of the Label Control. If the Label Control's TabIndex property is 15, the Textbox must be 16.


But the Index Order can simply be set by the Tabindex Property. i dont think so there is use of shotcut key to give the focus to textbox.


Say you are in textbox of tabIndex =7
and you want to Jump to a textbox with tabIndex 15,
You need to press Tab for 8 more times.
Instead, Give shortcut key to the Label asociated with it, and with that short-cut, jump to the required textbox..



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