Hi People who have this kind heart who could help me in my Java Programming Language Project..

I cannot sleep since last week coz I can't find a way how to solve my problem in Java
My teacher told me to make a simple game using Java programming Application. Since we're still in the basic learning on Java, I'm sure to my self that I cant make it by my own.
and I guess posting some threads here in Daniweb can help me to solve this problem. Please Help me...............

Thank you so much.

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>make a simple game using Java programming Application
This can be as simple as a number guessing game. You don't have to write the next Quake engine. :rolleyes:

>I'm sure to my self that I cant make it by my own
Then you can't. If you don't believe in yourself then nobody else will.


You should at least make a concept for the game.. and ask question about how to make something work.

You basically asked for someone to do the whole thing for you :P ble :rolleyes:


While I likely could not help you in the design of a game, I can help you get more responses to your posts on this forum.

I went ahead and changed the title of your post. "Can anyone help me??????????" had nothing to do with what you're actually asking. In the future, please consider composing a different title for your posts, so you can get more attention from those who might be able to help.

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