I do not know where to post this question,dats Y I posted it here only.
I have seen the advertisement in the newspaper NET Technologies on D2K and backened as SQL.

Can Somebody tell me what is D2k,Full Form of d2k, & D2k is frontend.
How it is integrated with Net??/

D2K refers to Developer 2000.
it is a visual IDE like Visual Basic 6 and it works only with Oracle databases. developers can write dynamic sql queries which is known as PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structure Query Language) using this development tool. this tool can be integrated with oracle database codes only.

using D2K you can build visual applications which are known as Oracle Application or in short Oracle Apps.

yes, D2k can be used as a front-end tool with back-end having oracle only. but if you use .NET framework you can work with both oracle & sql-server as back-end tools.

Hey Shouvik,On 26 there is interview on the same i mentined in my previous scrap.As I know .net + SQL, I have to go for interview or not??????What u think?

yes, definitely. go and face it confidently.

one thing i like to tell you. hope this will boost up your confidence level. now-a-days most of the organizations use sql server 2005 as back-end while developing any applications (whether its a windows or web base) using .NET platform. so as you have already grabbed sql with .net i think you will successfully face all the questions.

one more thing, do you have your profile in Orkut? if yes, then add me to your frnd list. if you do this, we can communicate with each other through Google Talk. tell me what do you think about this proposal? my gmail id is choudhuryshouvik@gmail.com

once again BEST OF LUCK....


Hello Shouvik,
am new to VB..need some help.
I have been looking into ur MSSQL db codes...i need to create alogin screen in VB6 that will query the sql db . ..a very simple one...do u have a code handy?...
i have some snippets with me..but jus need to knw wat are the refrences that need to be added, etc...
can u help?pls...

Hi, VidVB6,

in order to work with mssql you need the following reference (this is must) :-
Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects <version no.> library

btw, could you show me what have you got on your hands?


hey shouvik...
the code bits tht I have are the ones which i picked up frm this forum and yet another code frm another link.
i guess they had some runtime errors..
and am also stuck half way....

ok.......i will definitely give you the code.
but could you tell me one thing?

how do you wish to store the usernames & passwords in your sql database? will they be pre-defined or you need a user creation form for some kind of signup process and login...