HI all,
I have on the form an ADO data control and an OLE object. ADO is connected to a MSAccess Database (With a table having an OLE field). The class of OLE field is "Word.Document.8". Now when I try to connect the datasource property of OLE object, it says "No compatible data source for this object is found. Please insert an intrinsic data control or remote data control on the form" I don't know how to handle this problem. I tried to put DAO on the form and connect it to the database but there is an erro "Unrecongnized data format." So I think ADO is the only solution, Can anybody help????

Thanks in advance

Rajesh Khanna

could you post your code? or attach a sample of your project?

hi cometburn thanks for you reply at least you have shown some interest. Thanks once again. I'm at workplace right now and the project is at home. I will be very happy to send you the project once I get home. I'll be highly thankful to you if you could help me out with this problem.
Thanks once again.
Rajesh Khanna