I have to complete a project as the part of my curriculam. The Title is "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & HUMAN RESOURCE EXPERTISE DATABASE FOR A SOFTWARE COMPANY".
If anybody knows nything abt this then pl let me know. I want to know the how should I integrate 2 topics IP and HR Expertise Database and that for a s/w company??

Let me check my helpful meanie guidebook. Hmm, "A double post warrants a sarcastic reply followed by stoney silence. Alternative actions are a brief flame and a pointer to google." Okie dokie.

Search google and do your own damn research! I swear, people these days don't seem to be capable of helping themselves at all, it's always "Do this for me" and "I don't understand the perfectly lucid answer you gave me, show me how it's done by solving all of my problems and giving me the code" or "Here's my incredibly broad question lacking any detail at all, give me the exact answer I need despite the fact that you aren't psychic". It's a good thing we don't have the technology to remotely bitch slap people, or you would be constantly picking yourself up off the floor. And don't double post, it's very rude.